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Why Astroturf?

Why is AstroTurf® the best choice?

Why invest in AstroTurf® artificial snow sports?

A complete product range

The unique structure of AstroTurf® snow surfaces, offers grip and/or slide to suite the requirements of each type of snow sport; speed for leisure activities; speed and control for traditional skiing and snowboarding.

AstroTurf® is the ideal surface on wich to learn to ski

According to ski instructors, AstroTurf® encourages learners of all ages to develop an optimal technique.

Adapted to suit your project

Temporary or PermanentSimple or Complex
Snow parks, Ski and Snowboard slopes, Tubing, Free style, Nordic ski… including scalable options such as half/quarter pipes, turns, ramps, bumps, etc…


AstroTurf® artificial snow surfaces are available in rolls of PE matting, offering ease of installation and flexibility.

Project management

Business planning, technical support, safety protocol.

Worldwide positive trend

Anywhere, all year round

Artificial ski slopes can be designed to suit any location, indoors or outdoors, in a natural mountainous environment or in an urban location.

Fun for all

AstroTurf® offers an appealing snow sports environment, suited to all ages and abilities. A well designed installation will also be sure to attract a wide range of spectators, eager to enjoy the excitement and entertaining atmosphere.


All users are able to develop skills. Their rapid progression instantly boosts enthusiasm and inevitably makes them come back more.